Tasting Wine

Taking a breath and switching directions

When I started this blog, my goal was to learn about wine and eventually become a wine expert. I started out strong, blogging weekly at points. But life happened, and between moves, job changes and a new baby, I strayed and eventually took a long hiatus.

After a few false starts, I am slowly returning to my wine education and interestingly enough, I have discovered two things:

  1. My tastes and wine preferences have changed. I have recently found myself drawn to sweeter and jammier wines. Possibly due to having an 11 year-old and 3 year-old, both of whom don’t believe in sleeping. This mama is looking for a little sugar wherever she can get it 🙂
  2. I really enjoy writing. The wine journey has been fun, and through the process I learned one very important thing about myself – I really enjoy writing. So much so, that while I will continue to blog about wine, I may also including more posts about writing as well. Just because I can!

Stay tuned as I move forward on this new leg in my journey.

Wine I’m drinking right now

It has been very rainy lately and I needed a little ray of sunshine. So, I settled on a sweet Riesling by Hive & Honey, a sustainable winery in Monterey, CA.

Hive & HoneyHive & Honey

This pretty, pale yellow wine has a strong citrus nose (very lemony), with a hint of honey. The palette definitely lives up to its name, with a sweet honey taste, with a hint of citrus.

The price was right too at around $10/bottle.



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