How would explain [topic] over a glass of wine

Conversational writing isn’t easy for everyone. Defined as making your writing sound like a conversation between two people, it can be a struggle to put thoughts into words in that particular way. Why? My theory is that during our grade school, high school and college years, our noses are buried in text books and aContinue reading “How would explain [topic] over a glass of wine”

Three tips for buying wine at a grocery store

Ever run to the store for a few quick items only to find yourself stuck in the wine aisle (or aisles) unsure which bottle to select? This type of wine paralysis is pretty common, especially when one is new to drinking wine or is trying to impress a dinner party of connoisseurs. While I wouldContinue reading “Three tips for buying wine at a grocery store”

A Visit to Cave B Estate Winery

Half-way between Seattle and Spokane, along the I-90 corridor, there is a wine oasis. The Cave B Estate Winery sits high up on the cliffs above the Columbia River commanding spectacular views of the valley below. I have passed by the exit for the winery many times, always curious about the winery, but never venturedContinue reading “A Visit to Cave B Estate Winery”

Female Winemakers In Washington State – A Steady Increase

It is no secret that the wine industry has been male dominated since, well, forever. However, recent reports show this is now changing, which is good news for females entering the field. The title of a Wine Enthusiast article sums it up nicely: The Number of Women Winemakers Is Growing, and Fast. Well, at leastContinue reading “Female Winemakers In Washington State – A Steady Increase”

San Juan Vineyards Siegerrebe

March is Washington Wine Month, and is the perfect excuse to try different wines from all over Washington State. And what better place to start than the beautiful San Juan Islands and a bottle of San Juan Vineyards 2012 Siegerrebe. I had never heard of Siegerrebe until I tried this wine, prompting me to find outContinue reading “San Juan Vineyards Siegerrebe”

Chicken Spiedini, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and a little Treveri to ring in the New Year

Continuing my virtual journey through Italy, I incorporated a little bit of Italian cuisine into our holiday meal.  One of my favorite meals that my husband prepares is Chicken Spiedini, which hails from the Garozzo’s in Kansas City (and the Abruzzo region in Italy) Spiedini basically means “skewered meat” and while it can be preparedContinue reading “Chicken Spiedini, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and a little Treveri to ring in the New Year”

Lunch at the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar in Seattle – Good Food and Wine

My brother, Seth and I decided to treat ourselves to a lunch and a glass of wine.  After all, we have been working pretty hard lately and a little treat was much-needed.  We chose Purple Café & Wine bar – a restaurant here in Seattle known for its healthy wine list. Purple Café has a fewContinue reading “Lunch at the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar in Seattle – Good Food and Wine”

Washington State Riesling, A Refreshing Summer Drink

I recently learned that Riesling is the #1 grape grown in Washington State.  And for that I am very thankful – to me Riesling is just the right combination of sweet and cool – the perfect summer drink. It is also somewhat versatile.  It goes nicely with spicy food (think spicy Thai food) or withContinue reading “Washington State Riesling, A Refreshing Summer Drink”

Superbowl, BBQ Chicken and The Velvet Devil

For Superbowl Sunday, my goal was to minimize time in the kitchen and spend more time watching the game.  I pulled out my handy slow cooker and made BBQ chicken.  My sides were just as simple – smashed yams and salad. I decided to pair my meal with The Velvet Devil Merlot.  Over the summerContinue reading “Superbowl, BBQ Chicken and The Velvet Devil”

Ribera Del Duero and Lopez Cristobal Tinto Roble

The Ribera Del Duero region of Spain is fairly new on a world-wide scale.  While there has been wine produced there for quite some time, it didn’t really get global acknowledgement until the 1980s.  And it doesn’t sound like it is the easiest region to grow grapes in either.  According to what I read inContinue reading “Ribera Del Duero and Lopez Cristobal Tinto Roble”