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A Visit to Cave B Estate Winery

Half-way between Seattle and Spokane, along the I-90 corridor, there is a wine oasis. The Cave B Estate Winery sits high up on the cliffs above the Columbia River commanding spectacular views of the valley below.

I have passed by the exit for the winery many times, always curiouGrape Leavess about the winery, but never ventured off the highway. Recently, life called for a few celebrations, so my husband, daughter and I met my parents and brother at the winery, with the plans to have lunch, do a little wine tasting and walk around the vineyards.

Cave B is located about 5 miles off the highway, and when we started down the [Silica] road to the winery, I was a little concerned at first. This area of Eastern Washington tends to be fairly dry, and we were surrounded by dirt and brush, no winery in site. However, as we got closer to the winery, farmland and vineyards started to appear along the  road, bringing a welcome change and some relief.

We pulled in through the gates and made our way down to the Inn and Tendrils restaurant, to have lunch:

The Inn

The staff was warm and inviting. We came armed with a reservation and were seated immediately. The menu had many different choices, ranging from soups and salads to sandwiches . I selected a glass of their 2015 Dry Rosé, along with the Steak Salad for lunch. The day had started out chilly and rainy, but by lunch it was warm and try, making me lunch the optimal choice.

The 2015 Dry Rosé was orange-red in color with a meaty nose. The palette was sweet, but not sugary, with hints of honey, licorice and white grapes.

Here we all are at lunch!
Here we all are at lunch!

After lunch, we decided to mosey our way through the vineyards to the tasting room. Upon stepped outside the restaurant to be greeted by this spectacular view:

Great Cave B view

We wound our way through the vineyards and to the tasting room, part of which was an actual cave. We tasted a few more wines before finishing our walk through the grounds.

The Cave Tasting RoomOf all the wines I tried that day, the 2011 Merlot was the star. The wine was a beautiful deep red and smelled of cinnamon, spices and Christmas. It was warm, fruity and spicy. The kind of wine that reminds you of the happy times during the holidays. I purchased a bottle to have at home.

Cave B not only has an inn (which has a spa and a lovely looking pool), but also has various other accommodations including Desert Yurts, CliffeHouses (they looked like mini-cabins), and Cavern Rooms. While we were there, a wedding was also taking place, giving off an overall joyful vibe.

We slowly made our way back to the Inn, sitting fireside and nibbling on cookies and sipping lemonade before heading back to home. I do wish I had made a reservation to stay the night at the Inn. Maybe something to plan for our 10 year anniversary coming up in October (hint, hint husband…)!

I do recommend making the stop in dear Quincy, WA and visiting Cave B. The winery is friendly and the wines are quite lovely.

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