Wine keg: A must have for your wine cellar

It’s time to ditch the bottle and add a wine keg (or two) to your cellar selection. Buying wine by the keg has many benefits, including being more cost effective, lasting longer than an open bottle, and reducing waste (do your part to reduce your carbon footprint!). I should know, this summer, we have tappedContinue reading “Wine keg: A must have for your wine cellar”

A Visit to Cave B Estate Winery

Half-way between Seattle and Spokane, along the I-90 corridor, there is a wine oasis. The Cave B Estate Winery sits high up on the cliffs above the Columbia River commanding spectacular views of the valley below. I have passed by the exit for the winery many times, always curious about the winery, but never venturedContinue reading “A Visit to Cave B Estate Winery”

Vina Olvido Rosado, a Refreshing Summer Drink

It has been a warm couple of days and it makes me think of the Summer In the City song by Lovin’ Spoonful: One way to escape the heat is a cold glass of wine, and at this moment, I decided a Rosé would be the best choice. I have found that Rose can sometimesContinue reading “Vina Olvido Rosado, a Refreshing Summer Drink”

Chateau Miraval Under New Celebrity Ownership, Oh Jeez

When my husband informed me on Thursday that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased Chateau Miraval, my first response was: “of course they did.” I also assume they adopted a village of orphans and found a cure for some rare disease.  #BitterMuch? I first stumbled upon Chateau Miraval and their Pink Floyd Rosé during myContinue reading “Chateau Miraval Under New Celebrity Ownership, Oh Jeez”

Chateau Miraval Pink Floyd 2010 and Ratatouille

I have arrived at my  final stop in France: Provence. I had to put my trip on hold for a week – I was suffering from a cold and could not taste or smell a thing.   But now I am healthy and excited to continue my journey! I had been looking forward to this stop forContinue reading “Chateau Miraval Pink Floyd 2010 and Ratatouille”

Raising A Glass to the Marketplace Wine Bar in Spokane, WA

Sometimes, you just need a glass of wine on a hot day.  On on this hot day, we went to the Marketplace Wine Bar – for a glass of wine and a cool place to sit.  The original catalyst for visiting the Marketplace Wine Bar was to use an expired Groupon.  The original deal wasContinue reading “Raising A Glass to the Marketplace Wine Bar in Spokane, WA”

Abel Clement Rose: Let Rosé Season Commence!

Rosé is a good warm weather wine.  Since it is served cold, it is refreshing, but not too sweet.  A nice combination of red and white wines. This summer, I have decided to make a point of trying many different Rosé’s. Mother’s Day weekend in Seattle was beautiful and warm.  It was the perfect excuseContinue reading “Abel Clement Rose: Let Rosé Season Commence!”