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Abel Clement Rose: Let Rosé Season Commence!

Ah Refreshing!

Rosé is a good warm weather wine.  Since it is served cold, it is refreshing, but not too sweet.  A nice combination of red and white wines. This summer, I have decided to make a point of trying many different Rosé’s.

Mother’s Day weekend in Seattle was beautiful and warm.  It was the perfect excuse to try a Rosé.  We went down to Uwajamaya, an Asian Market, to buy a few ingredients for dinner and I decided to check out the wine aisle – just to see the offerings.  There I found an excellent deal – a Rosé for $3.99.  I usually only purchase wine that I have read about or been directed to buy by one of my brothers or another trusted source.  But this time I thought I would just go for it – and since it was only $3.99, I wouldn’t cry if I had to pour it down the drain.

It was a bottle of Abel Clément 2009 Côtes Du Rhône, and in my humble opinion, it was pretty good.

The color was a very pretty light red, and looked lovely glistening in the sun (I was enjoying it while relaxing on our back porch).  The wine had almost no nose, the slightest hint of kiwi and light summer fruits.  It wasn’t sweet on the palette, it reminded me of berries, but not sweet berries – more like raspberries.  Very refreshing and worth every penny.

I decided to look up the wine after I was about half-way through my first glass – just to see what was written about it on the internet. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was included in an article from February 2012 in the Seattle Times – Entrancing wines from Washington’s Tranche, by Paul Gregutt.  It turned out the wine was one of the “Picks of the week” – go me!

I do recommend this wine – I believe that even not on sale, it is only about $10/bottle and very refreshing for a hot day.

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