A Taste of Hawaii: Kalua Pork, Musubi and Squadra Bianco

I love Hawaii. In my mind it is beautiful and perfect: sandy beaches, warm weather and delicious foods. And lately, I have been really wanting to go back (I don’t know, maybe it is from all this dreary Seattle weather). Unfortunately, I can’t jump on a plane and head off to Hawaii at this moment, soContinue reading “A Taste of Hawaii: Kalua Pork, Musubi and Squadra Bianco”

Round Pond Estate Sauvignon Blanc

May 24th marked the anniversary of the Judgement of Paris, the famous blind taste test in France the pitted California wines against French wines. On this fateful day in 1976, two California wines, the 1973 chardonnay from Chateau Montelena and the 1973 cabernet sauvignon from Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, won top honors. The results wereContinue reading “Round Pond Estate Sauvignon Blanc”

Wine Coolers: Preparing for Summer Wine Season

Last week a heat wave hit Seattle. I couldn’t let the 80+ degree temperatures (in April!) go to waste, so I reached for a bottle of Rosé. Unfortunately, I was caught off guard by the summer-like conditions. I had to think fast and throw my wine in the freezer for a quick blast of cool,Continue reading “Wine Coolers: Preparing for Summer Wine Season”

Taking a Virtual Around the World Trip and Wine Tour

My commute sometimes consists of a ferry ride across the Puget Sound, and there is something about being on the water that is inspiring.  As I was walking along the dock one glorious, sunny evening, I decided I should add “a trip around the world” to my bucket list. I have the travel bug often,Continue reading “Taking a Virtual Around the World Trip and Wine Tour”

Abel Clement Rose: Let Rosé Season Commence!

Rosé is a good warm weather wine.  Since it is served cold, it is refreshing, but not too sweet.  A nice combination of red and white wines. This summer, I have decided to make a point of trying many different Rosé’s. Mother’s Day weekend in Seattle was beautiful and warm.  It was the perfect excuseContinue reading “Abel Clement Rose: Let Rosé Season Commence!”