Wine keg: A must have for your wine cellar

It’s time to ditch the bottle and add a wine keg (or two) to your cellar selection. Buying wine by the keg has many benefits, including being more cost effective, lasting longer than an open bottle, and reducing waste (do your part to reduce your carbon footprint!). I should know, this summer, we have tappedContinue reading “Wine keg: A must have for your wine cellar”

Bonterra Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon

While scrolling through Amazon Video recently, I came across the Wine Enthusiast show: It starts with wine, California: The organic way (Season 1, Episode 3). The show highlighted the winery Bonterra, and I was instantly intrigued by they’re unconventional farming methods highlighted in the show.  After reading more about the winery, it’s organic and biodynamicContinue reading “Bonterra Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon”

How would explain [topic] over a glass of wine

Conversational writing isn’t easy for everyone. Defined as making your writing sound like a conversation between two people, it can be a struggle to put thoughts into words in that particular way. Why? My theory is that during our grade school, high school and college years, our noses are buried in text books and aContinue reading “How would explain [topic] over a glass of wine”

Taking a breath and switching directions

When I started this blog, my goal was to learn about wine and eventually become a wine expert. I started out strong, blogging weekly at points. But life happened, and between moves, job changes and a new baby, I strayed and eventually took a long hiatus. After a few false starts, I am slowly returningContinue reading “Taking a breath and switching directions”

On the nose: Understanding how to smell your wine

It’s easy to get intimidated when at a wine tasting event. All around you, people are swirling, sniffing, taking notes and making comments about fruits and spices. For you, its all grapes: looks like wine, smells like wine, and oh yeah, it taste like wine too. That’s a perfectly fine way to drink your wine,Continue reading “On the nose: Understanding how to smell your wine”

Three tips for buying wine at a grocery store

Ever run to the store for a few quick items only to find yourself stuck in the wine aisle (or aisles) unsure which bottle to select? This type of wine paralysis is pretty common, especially when one is new to drinking wine or is trying to impress a dinner party of connoisseurs. While I wouldContinue reading “Three tips for buying wine at a grocery store”

How well have you defined your customer?

Do you really know who your customers are? When it comes to selling wine, it is easy to think that your customer is anyone who drinks wine. But, that’s not necessarily the case. Wine can actually be a pretty personal choice – some buy for cost, others it’s loyalty to a certain region, grape orContinue reading “How well have you defined your customer?”

A brief look at automation in winemaking (and a flashback to Januik)

Plainly speaking, automation is a part of wine making. The larger the winery, the more automation is used. Why? The use of automation in winemaking saves time and money for wineries. Granted, there is always the initial investment costs, but more often than not, the return on investment (or ROI) is well worth it. InContinue reading “A brief look at automation in winemaking (and a flashback to Januik)”

Are robots making your wine?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking 2018 by storm, becoming mainstream in just about every industry. From capturing and analyzing large amounts of data, to automating workflow processes, the possibilities are endless. In the wine industry, consumers have actually been using AI for awhile now in the form of apps, helping them to chose their nextContinue reading “Are robots making your wine?”

My Love/Hate Relationship with Weekly Meal Planning

It all started two January’s ago, when I decided to make meal planning my New Year’s resolution. I was tired of the nightly scramble for dinner, the constant grocery shopping and way too much money spent on last minute takeout. Not to mention, it made for some pretty unbalanced meals. I wanted to succeed atContinue reading “My Love/Hate Relationship with Weekly Meal Planning”