Cooking with Wine

Can wine be healthy?

It started with very bad stomach virus. My little one was just 2 years old and had started getting into eating and suddently she was incredibly sick and weak. It was the kind of sick where I would have gone to the emergency room, but we weren’t home. I was stuck in my in-laws basement hoping the night would pass quickly.

My liitle one did stablize enough for us to fly home, but then my 9 year old got sick on the plane. The recovery was long, but both girls did get back to normal. There was mental baggage, though, and food (and to a lesser extent, flight) became a “thing.” Especially so for my youngest who was the most sick. Her choices in food became incredibly narrow, and now at 6 years old her dient consists of very few foods. This year I am hoping to change this by slowly introducing more foods, getting her more involved in cooking and overall putting my family on a healthier eating track.

It’s time to make a change

With a barrage of school age illnesses and my older daughter having increasing stomach aches, a change in our diet is beyond necessary. The foods that my littlest will eat consist of things like macaroni & cheese, french fries, string cheese, chicken nuggets and the occasional grapes or strawberries. Food that is easy to cook and fall back on. She doesn’t like any other meat, but I have caught her trying a vegetable or two. She has never been very interested in meat and this makes me think she is a natural born vegetarian. And that is alright by me. It gives me the opportunity to increase the vegetables in our diet and try to just eat healthier. I’ve bought some different plant based cookbooks and made it my mission to make 2023 the year we get healthier. We’ll have to start slow, but I think that will have more lasting impact.

What does this have to do with wine?

Quite a bit actually. If I am going to make an effort to eat better, I should also drink cleaner as well. Fortunatley, there are some good wine options out there: organic, biodynamic and natural wines. I’ll take time exploring the many different wine options of clean drinking and report back here (along with our healthier eating progress. This also gives me an opportunity to learn how to pair wine with vegatable dishes, something I’ve never tried in the past.

That’s all I have for now. Cheers to 2023 and a healthier path!


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