Lombardy, Inferno and Risotto Milanese

Moving along my virtual wine tour through Italy, my next stop is the Lombardy region. Lombardy is the home of Milan, Marscipone cheese and Ossobuco (a fancy dish consisting of veal shanks and bone marrow). More importantly, it is the home to a good handful of wine regions, the three most well known include theContinue reading “Lombardy, Inferno and Risotto Milanese”

Nebbiolo, Agnolotti dal Plin and the Piedmont Region (Italia)

I got stuck in Italy. Well, virtually stuck in Italy. And I am not complaining. Italy is one of my favorite European countries. You see, I started a virtual wine tour, so I could enjoy both wine and food from different wine regions all over the world. I merrily ate and drank my way throughContinue reading “Nebbiolo, Agnolotti dal Plin and the Piedmont Region (Italia)”

Marie Courtin Resonance Champagne

Marie Courtin’s Résonance Champagne is luxurious. The lemony yellow wine offers flavors of citrus and green apple, and is both refreshing and smooth. The very low dosage allows this wine to pair nicely with just about any meal, as well as hold its own as a stand alone drink. If you are looking for aContinue reading “Marie Courtin Resonance Champagne”

Chicken Spiedini, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and a little Treveri to ring in the New Year

Continuing my virtual journey through Italy, I incorporated a little bit of Italian cuisine into our holiday meal.  One of my favorite meals that my husband prepares is Chicken Spiedini, which hails from the Garozzo’s in Kansas City (and the Abruzzo region in Italy) Spiedini basically means “skewered meat” and while it can be preparedContinue reading “Chicken Spiedini, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and a little Treveri to ring in the New Year”

Chianti Classico Casalino, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and Mi Familia

After a long break, I am ready to pick of up virtual “World Tour of Wine,” and what better place to start than Italy and a large dinner with Mi Familia. My brother, Seth and I decided to do a dinner featuring a bottle of 2009 Chianti Classico Casalino. And what better to pair it with thanContinue reading “Chianti Classico Casalino, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and Mi Familia”

Martin Codax and Paella – A Crisp and Delicious Combination

I have been wanting to try Paella since I started my virtual tasting through Spain.  Saving the best for last, I saved this dish as my final pairing for my Spain adventure. I had heard quite a bit about the Albariño grape – a white grape grown in the Rias Baxias region of Spain.  TheContinue reading “Martin Codax and Paella – A Crisp and Delicious Combination”

Champagne Taste-Off: Champagne vs. Methode Champenoise

Over the past few months, I have learned quite a bit about my favorite wine – Champagne.  I know that Champagne is only Champagne if from Champagne, France, and I recently learned about Growers Champagne – those wineries that grow their own grapes for their Champagne. I was recently introduced to Methode Champenoise – basicallyContinue reading “Champagne Taste-Off: Champagne vs. Methode Champenoise”

Loire Valley Dessert Wine, Grains Nobles

I recently opened a bottle of 2003 Philippe Delesvaux “Grains Nobles”.  The wine is from the Loire Valley and the wine maker, Philippe Delesvaux pours his heart and soul into his wine. The grapes he used for this wine, Chenin Blanc, are hand-picked and averaging 40 years of age, planted to soils containing sedimentary rock, slateContinue reading “Loire Valley Dessert Wine, Grains Nobles”

A Glass of Villa Narcisa Rueda Verdejo on a Sunny Day

It was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle, which is worth a celebration.  I decided a glass of Javier Sanz Viticultor Villa Narcisa 2010 Rueda Verdejo would do the trick. I am still virtually making my way through Spain, nibble and sip, but today, I was somewhat unprepared culinary-wise.  But then again, maybe not.  IContinue reading “A Glass of Villa Narcisa Rueda Verdejo on a Sunny Day”

Priorat Bodegas La Cartuja with Garlic Pan Fried Chorizo

The Spanish wine region of Priorat is just South of Penedès and is one of Spain’s newer regions.  Even though the region has been producing wine for quite some time, it really hit its stride in the 1990’s.  The region’s terrain is sprinkled with volcanic minerals, which give the grapes a unique flavor. I wantedContinue reading “Priorat Bodegas La Cartuja with Garlic Pan Fried Chorizo”