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Marie Courtin Resonance Champagne

Marie Courtin’s Résonance Champagne is luxurious. The lemony yellow wine offers flavors of citrus and green apple, and is both refreshing and smooth. The very low dosage allows this wine to pair nicely with just about any meal, as well as hold its own as a stand alone drink.

If you are looking for a nice Champagne for New Year’s or for any nice occasion, you cannot go wrong with a bottle of Résonance.

I discovered Marie Courtin’s wine at a Grower Champagne tasting at  West Seattle Cellars earlier this month. The tasting consisted of 12 different Champagnes, all from different regions and varying in dosage content. I have mentioned many times on the pages of this blog, that I am a huge fan of bubbly, so I try not to miss this annual tasting.

Resonance LabelThis year, one particular wine stood out to me as the best of the 12: Marie Courtin Résonance. This extra Brut wine is made of 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Interestingly enough, the soils where the grapes are grown is chalky, making the wine reminiscent of Chablis.

Beyond the soils and quality of the grapes, I was intrigued by the wine maker herself. In my few short years of serious wine tasting, I have not come across many female winemakers. I do believe this landscape will change over the next few years (a good thing).

Dominique Moreau is the owner/winemaker and named her winery after her Grandmother, Marie Courtin. Dominique Moreau also takes a spiritual approach to her wines, which I very much appreciate. I also appreciate the wine is not mass produces, but is made is small lots and with great care. I feel as though the bottle was almost made for just me to enjoy.

I am looking forward to trying Marie Courtin’s Efflorescence next.

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