Tasting Wine

Purchase High Quality Wine Because YOU are Worth It

At some point along the way, I decided that since it was just me drinking wine at home, buying a nice, quality bottle of wine just wasn’t worth the cost. I gave up on on learning about wine, on blogging about trying wine, and just started buying low cost wine to have with dinner.

The result of this choice led to a lot of wine being dumped down the drain, along with stomachaches, headaches and a bad taste in my mouth. I am not sure why exactly, but cheap is cheap. Whether it is the quality of grape, additives used or the wine making process itself, the low cost wines do not pay off.

Now, I did not go super cheap, I tried to stay around $9 per bottle. And I am sure that there are many great $9 bottle of wines out there, but so far, I have yet to find one that agrees with my sensitive stomach.

This change in wine purchasing habits led to less learning and writing about wine. I mean, there isn’t to much to say about a bottle of generic red table wine paired with spaghetti from a jar, now is there? Again, the result is less than ideal = no new posts, nothing learned.

I confessed my situation to my brother, and his comment confused me at first, but after some pondering made sense. He said to me: “if you are going to dump wine down the drain, it should at least be good wine.”

And he is right, if I am going to dump out old wine, it should have been worth every penny and I should have savored every drop in my glass. Not to mention, I am worth it! I work hard, I am a good mother and wife, and I deserve a nice glass of wine every once in awhile.

So, goodbye low cost, value wines. I will no longer measure my worth in $9 bottles of wine. I will do my research, I will buy the good wines and I will celebrate me.

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