Female Winemakers In Washington State – A Steady Increase

It is no secret that the wine industry has been male dominated since, well, forever. However, recent reports show this is now changing, which is good news for females entering the field. The title of a Wine Enthusiast article sums it up nicely: The Number of Women Winemakers Is Growing, and Fast. Well, at leastContinue reading “Female Winemakers In Washington State – A Steady Increase”

Marie Courtin Resonance Champagne

Marie Courtin’s Résonance Champagne is luxurious. The lemony yellow wine offers flavors of citrus and green apple, and is both refreshing and smooth. The very low dosage allows this wine to pair nicely with just about any meal, as well as hold its own as a stand alone drink. If you are looking for aContinue reading “Marie Courtin Resonance Champagne”

Swirl with Your Girls at Columbia Winery, Enjoying Great Wine and Great Company

On Friday night, I went to Swirl with your Girls at Columbia Winery.  A friend of mine, Kim Brunskill, is a member of their wine club and was able to score the tickets.  Not knowing what to expect, I made sure to where my gold glitter “barbie” shoes (platform stillettos), downplayed by black jeans andContinue reading “Swirl with Your Girls at Columbia Winery, Enjoying Great Wine and Great Company”