Raising A Glass to the Marketplace Wine Bar in Spokane, WA

Sometimes, you just need a glass of wine on a hot day.  On on this hot day, we went to the Marketplace Wine Bar – for a glass of wine and a cool place to sit.  The original catalyst for visiting the Marketplace Wine Bar was to use an expired Groupon.  The original deal was for two glasses of wine and a cheese plate, but instead we opted for two glasses of wine and to purchase a bottle for later.

The Marketplace Wine Bar serves exclusively BridgePress Cellars and Emvy Cellars wine, and offers a few snacks.  On that hot day, I opted for a glass of their BridgePress Rosé.  The Rosé has a wonderful, light and fruity scent, and had a slight sweetness on the palette.  It was a very refreshing glass of wine – something I would call a “porch wine”.  I could see myself easily drinking a glass while sitting on the porch or the dock, just enjoying the moment.

My brother had a glass of the BridgePress 600 (600 denotes the fact that they are the State’s 600th winery – go team!).  This red was robust and made a [good] statement.  It was definitely the opposite of my Rose and would do well with a grilled steak.

The staff at the Marketplace Wine Bar was very helpful and very patient.  And the wine bar is connected to Spokane’s farmers market.  So after enjoying our glass of wine, we wandered through the booths.  It made for a very nice Saturday afternoon, and possibly a nice new habit.


Bartholomew Winery Visit and Tasting

Bartholomew Winery

Bartholomew Winery is located in Seattle, WA in the Old Rainier Brewery.  There is a South Seattle Artisan Wine movement and part of me wanted to experience artisan wine and part of me wanted to check out the historic landmark.

The tasting room is open every Saturday and Sunday from Noon – 5pm, and was a good way to ease into my Sunday.  When we pulled up to the tasting room, we were greeted by a sleeping mastiff in front of the door.  I automatically like the winery before tasting any wine.  It just felt comfortable.

I had my daughter in tow, and the owner Bart Fawbush, didn’t even blink as my daughter investigated the different rooms.

He poured a full tasting flight:

  • 2010 Roussanne Columbia Valley Lawrence Vineyard
  • 2008 Riesling Columbia Valley Lawrence Vineyard
  • 2008 Cuvée Blanc Columbia Valley
  • 2009 Malbec Rattlesnake Hills
  • 2007 Cuvée Rouge Columbia Valley
  • 2008 Jaxon Columbia Valley

There were a few that stood out to me the most:

  • The 2008 Riesling – it was a pale yellow, straw color with a light citrus (grapefruit) nose.  The palette was slightly sweet but also savory, something that is different from most Rieslings.  It was a refreshing drink.
  • The 2009 Malbec – a beautiful burgundy red, with a nose of warm cooked plum.  The palette was spicy and reminded me of red, tart cherries.  I automatically thought of steak when I tried this wine.  My brother Seth, is a big fan of Malbec, so I bought him a bottle.  I will be interested in his review.
  • The 2007 Cuvée Rouge – a black cherry red, with a nose of cooked fruits (reminded me of jam).  The palette was similar to the nose, dark fruits, but with a hint of earthy flavor.  A smooth combination.

More than the wine, the winemaker, Bart was the best part of my experience.  He was incredibly hospitable and very nice, plus he makes good wine.  I will be back for another visit!

Should Wineries Be Family Friendly?

I read an interesting article today from the New York Cork Report: Is Wine Tasting a Family-Friendly Endeavor?, written by Tracy Weiss. Tracy does not have children, so at first I expected the article to be coming from an angle of “no kids allowed”, but was pleasantly surprised.  I was even more impressed by all the comments.

You see, I have a three-year old. And unless it is a “date night” or “ladies night”, I usually have my daughter in tow.  Now that I am trying to learn more about the wine industry, I will probably have my daughter with me for a good handful of tastings.

I would like to think that wineries are open to allowing children.  I know that at least for me, a winery that allows my daughter to be present while I do a tasting will leave a better taste in my mouth (and my mind), but I wold be interested to see what others think.