Taking a breath and switching directions

When I started this blog, my goal was to learn about wine and eventually become a wine expert. I started out strong, blogging weekly at points. But life happened, and between moves, job changes and a new baby, I strayed and eventually took a long hiatus. After a few false starts, I am slowly returningContinue reading “Taking a breath and switching directions”

Lunch at the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar in Seattle – Good Food and Wine

My brother, Seth and I decided to treat ourselves to a lunch and a glass of wine.  After all, we have been working pretty hard lately and a little treat was much-needed.  We chose Purple Café & Wine bar – a restaurant here in Seattle known for its healthy wine list. Purple Café has a fewContinue reading “Lunch at the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar in Seattle – Good Food and Wine”

Washington State Riesling, A Refreshing Summer Drink

I recently learned that Riesling is the #1 grape grown in Washington State.  And for that I am very thankful – to me Riesling is just the right combination of sweet and cool – the perfect summer drink. It is also somewhat versatile.  It goes nicely with spicy food (think spicy Thai food) or withContinue reading “Washington State Riesling, A Refreshing Summer Drink”

The Alsace Region of France – A Glass of Hugel & A Bite of Cheese

After Burgundy, I decided to head back up Northeast for a trip to the Alsace Region. The Alsace region runs up against Germany and the Germanic influence is very much apparent.  It appears what Alsace is most known for are their Riesling – I found a great site, just dedicated to Riesling, and it mentionedContinue reading “The Alsace Region of France – A Glass of Hugel & A Bite of Cheese”

Januik Riesling and Novelty Hill Merlot Tasting Notes

Continuing my education, I recently did a tasting trip with my brother Seth.  We went to Woodinville to try a few more Washington wines. Our first stop was Novelty Hill/Januik. From my understanding, Michael Januik used to be the Winemaker for Chateau Ste. Michelle.  I really liked those wines so I was eager to tryContinue reading “Januik Riesling and Novelty Hill Merlot Tasting Notes”