About this Blog

I originally started Splendid Grape to record my journey through the wine industry.  But I realized a few things about myself along the way –

  • I am no expert when it comes to wine, but I do know what I like and what I don’t like
  • I enjoy drinking good wine
  • I enjoy eating good food
  • And when you put the two together = one amazing, yummy explosion!

I usually pair every wine I drink with some kind of food, whether it is a little nosh or a big meal.  I am also starting to learn quite a bit about cooking.

My journey has changed, I am not only learning more about wine and the wine industry, but also good food.  Why not write about what I like!?!

I hope you enjoy too-

A little more about me:

My name is Chloe Nichols – I work in marketing and social media and hold a degree in International Business.

I like salad for breakfast

I have a sweet tooth, but don’t really like sweet wines

I am a mother of an energetic kid and enjoy writing about our adventures

If you ever want to get a hold of me, you can email me at survivingstella@gmail.com.