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Meet Chloe Nichols

Fledgling author. Novice wine blogger. Mother of two kids and one orange cat.

Picture of Chloe NicholsHello and welcome to Splendid Grape.

I originally started this blog to record my journey as I learned about tasting (and drinking) wine.  It was through this that I discovered just how much I love writing.

I enjoy sitting down with a glass of good wine and a cozy mystery on a rainy evening. And it was this pastime, along with my slight addiction to Hallmark mysteries, that inspired me to start writing my own cozy mystery series.

While still in the infancy stage, I’ll post more information about my books and how to best to access them on this site.

Should you be curious, here’s a little bit more about me:

I have been in the marketing industry for many years now. I have worked at advertising agencies, and even a blogging network, mostly in the account service realm, but more recently writing more of the marketing content. I hold a degree in International Business, and still maintain close relationships with many of my college friends.

When it comes to wine, I do have Champagne taste (literally), but I also favor a nice glass of (jammy) red.

I hope you enjoy this blog and eventually my books.

Cheers ~

Chloe Nichols