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Maison Blueu Granache – a Delicious and Smooth Red Wine

I read a review of Maison Bleue by Paul Gregutt.  Gregutt’s description of the wine  sounded so wonderful, that I had to give it a try:

They are distinctive, immaculate, fragrant, complex, evocative, one might even say definitive wines – and they sell for a fraction of what competitors of comparable quality generally charge.

When I looked at the Winery’s website, I fell in love.  The winery has a vintage European look and feel and something about it, just resonated.  I can’t explain, but it just worked for me.

I purchased the 2010 “La Montagnette” Upland Vineyard Grenache [Snipes Mountain].  The store’s wine clerk was very excited about my purchase and started quizzing me about what I was going to pair it with.  Since I am not quite there yet in my pairing expertise, I admitted that I wasn’t sure – he recommended duck.

The wine was dark, ruby-red in color.  It had a very light nose, there was just a hint of dark fruit.  The palette was sweet, but not sugary, more of a berry versus a plum flavor.

I really enjoyed this wine and plan to buy more.  When it comes to red wine, this is the type I really like – light and refreshing, versus a heavy taste.  Plus, with summer right around the corner, I can imagine myself enjoying a few glasses, while sitting on the porch watching the sunset.  I strongly recommend this wine.

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