Tasting Wine

Moscato and Jenga

I am now beginning to understand the popularity of Moscato.  It is sweet but not syrup-sweet, it is cold and delicious.  I discovered this when I bought a bottle of Bellafina Moscato.  I mostly bought it because it was pink, and it was hot outside.  A cold pink drink sounded good at the time.

Bellafina Moscato

And the drink did not disappoint.  It was sweet and crisp, but not too sugary.  It was also very smooth – and I could see how it would be dangerous.  I could have easily had a few glasses before realizing I had one too many!

Nice, cool and refreshing!

jengaInstead of pairing my drink with food, I decided to pair it with a game of Jenga.  Although after a glass, I have to say my Jenga skills did diminish!  Oh well, the wine was good.



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