Wine Coolers: Preparing for Summer Wine Season

Last week a heat wave hit Seattle. I couldn’t let the 80+ degree temperatures (in April!) go to waste, so I reached for a bottle of Rosé. Unfortunately, I was caught off guard by the summer-like conditions. I had to think fast and throw my wine in the freezer for a quick blast of cool,Continue reading “Wine Coolers: Preparing for Summer Wine Season”

Refocus and Recharge, Ready, Set, Go!

When I first started this blog, I wanted to be like so many of the other wine bloggers out there. I wanted to write articles about great wines I had tasted, offering my unique insights. I wanted to be someone people looked to for wine recommendations, the person wineries sent their wines to for reviews.Continue reading “Refocus and Recharge, Ready, Set, Go!”

Bartholomew Winery Visit and Tasting

Bartholomew Winery is located in Seattle, WA in the Old Rainier Brewery.  There is a South Seattle Artisan Wine movement and part of me wanted to experience artisan wine and part of me wanted to check out the historic landmark. The tasting room is open every Saturday and Sunday from Noon – 5pm, and wasContinue reading “Bartholomew Winery Visit and Tasting”

Barrister Winery Tour and Tasting – A Wonderful Experience Part 1

Over Easter weekend, my brothers, sister-in-law and I went on a tour of Barrister Winery in Spokane, WA.  I was very excited to go tour a winery – the last time I toured a winery, it didn’t mean much to me.  Now, I had a little bit better understanding of the industry and was lookingContinue reading “Barrister Winery Tour and Tasting – A Wonderful Experience Part 1”

Columbia Winery 2001 Otis Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Other Tasting Notes

Our second stop on my recent Woodinville tasting trip was to the Columbia Winery. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I went with my brother Seth, who also did an excellent summary of our tastings. Pulling into the parking lot, the winery was exactly what one would expect when tasting wine – a largeContinue reading “Columbia Winery 2001 Otis Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Other Tasting Notes”

Januik Riesling and Novelty Hill Merlot Tasting Notes

Continuing my education, I recently did a tasting trip with my brother Seth.  We went to Woodinville to try a few more Washington wines. Our first stop was Novelty Hill/Januik. From my understanding, Michael Januik used to be the Winemaker for Chateau Ste. Michelle.  I really liked those wines so I was eager to tryContinue reading “Januik Riesling and Novelty Hill Merlot Tasting Notes”

Tasting Pinot Noir at Rex Hill Winery

On Sunday, I went to Rex Hill Winery to do a tasting.  This was my first “official” tasting for this blog – and actually one of the few tastings that I have done.   The last tasting I did was probably five or so years ago. The winery is very nice – nestled on aContinue reading “Tasting Pinot Noir at Rex Hill Winery”