Vina Olvido Rosado, a Refreshing Summer Drink

It has been a warm couple of days and it makes me think of the Summer In the City song by Lovin’ Spoonful: One way to escape the heat is a cold glass of wine, and at this moment, I decided a Rosé would be the best choice. I have found that Rose can sometimesContinue reading “Vina Olvido Rosado, a Refreshing Summer Drink”

Martin Codax and Paella – A Crisp and Delicious Combination

I have been wanting to try Paella since I started my virtual tasting through Spain.  Saving the best for last, I saved this dish as my final pairing for my Spain adventure. I had heard quite a bit about the Albariño grape – a white grape grown in the Rias Baxias region of Spain.  TheContinue reading “Martin Codax and Paella – A Crisp and Delicious Combination”

A Glass of Villa Narcisa Rueda Verdejo on a Sunny Day

It was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle, which is worth a celebration.  I decided a glass of Javier Sanz Viticultor Villa Narcisa 2010 Rueda Verdejo would do the trick. I am still virtually making my way through Spain, nibble and sip, but today, I was somewhat unprepared culinary-wise.  But then again, maybe not.  IContinue reading “A Glass of Villa Narcisa Rueda Verdejo on a Sunny Day”

Priorat Bodegas La Cartuja with Garlic Pan Fried Chorizo

The Spanish wine region of Priorat is just South of Penedès and is one of Spain’s newer regions.  Even though the region has been producing wine for quite some time, it really hit its stride in the 1990’s.  The region’s terrain is sprinkled with volcanic minerals, which give the grapes a unique flavor. I wantedContinue reading “Priorat Bodegas La Cartuja with Garlic Pan Fried Chorizo”

Sherry from Jerez with a side of shrimp

The Jerez region of Spain is known for Sherry, good Sherry.  I have never had Sherry, so no better way to start than with the best. I had purchased a bottle of Hidalgo Cream Alameda last week during my trip to The Spanish Table, so the next step was to figure out what to pairContinue reading “Sherry from Jerez with a side of shrimp”

The Spanish Table – Helpful Service and Great Wine Selection

I wanted to continue my way through Spain the correct way (with good wine and food) – so, I headed down to The Spanish Table near the Pike Place Market.  I knew they would have a good selection of wine and give me inspiration. I did my research before I went to the store.  IContinue reading “The Spanish Table – Helpful Service and Great Wine Selection”

Cava, The Penedes Region of Spain and Birthday Cake

I am back on my global wine trail.  After many, many weeks of battling colds at my house, I finally feel re-energized (and can smell and taste) and ready to continue my journey through Spain. Last weekend was also my birthday – but I figured I would just make this whole month a celebration!  AndContinue reading “Cava, The Penedes Region of Spain and Birthday Cake”

La Mancha Wine Region, the Man and his Wine

By accident, I discovered the wine region of La Mancha in Spain.  A while back, I had purchased a mystery box of wine from a company called Wine Insiders (thanks to Groupon).  While most of the wines have left much to be desired (sorry Wine Insiders, but it’s true), I decided to give a bottleContinue reading “La Mancha Wine Region, the Man and his Wine”

Ribera Del Duero and Lopez Cristobal Tinto Roble

The Ribera Del Duero region of Spain is fairly new on a world-wide scale.  While there has been wine produced there for quite some time, it didn’t really get global acknowledgement until the 1980s.  And it doesn’t sound like it is the easiest region to grow grapes in either.  According to what I read inContinue reading “Ribera Del Duero and Lopez Cristobal Tinto Roble”

Tempranillo from Rioja

Editor’s Note: My first stop in Spain is the Rioja region, a large producer of Tempranillo wine.  When it came to writing a post on this region, I instantly thought of my brother Seth Nichols, Editor of the Psychedelic Grape.  One of his favorite grapes is Tempranillo, so he is the best person to giveContinue reading “Tempranillo from Rioja”