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The Spanish Table – Helpful Service and Great Wine Selection

I wanted to continue my way through Spain the correct way (with good wine and food) – so, I headed down to The Spanish Table near the Pike Place Market.  I knew they would have a good selection of wine and give me inspiration.

spanish table sign

I did my research before I went to the store.  I looked at their wine selection online and crossed referenced my Wine Bible (by Karen MacNeil) and Complete Wine Course (by Kevin Zraly), creating a list of options for the Priorat, Jerez and Rueda regions.

The clerk (the owner or manager maybe) was super helpful, steering me in the right direction and recommending some good wines.

I ended up with the following selections:

  • Javier Sanz Villa Narcisa (Rueda)
  • La Cartuja Priorat 2011(Priorat)
  • Hidalgo Cream Alameda (Jerez)

I also ended up with a really cool re-usable wine bag.

wine bag

It was truly inspirational to be around all kinds of Spanish wines, foods and products.  It got my brain working, trying to think of which foods to pair with my wines.  The store was great!

Currently, I am thinking something with shrimp, maybe something with chorizo and I am not sure….looks like I have some research to do.

The Spanish Table also has a selection of Portuguese, Argentinian and Greek wines, so I will be back as I continue my adventure.

Thank you Spanish Table for a great shopping experience.

spanish table flag


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