Tasting Wine

The Top 5 Things I Learned From My First Video Blog

My brother and I want to take our blogging in a new direction this year, including using video blogs. And since we live in two different cities, we plan on using technology to our advantage and taste wine together online. Let’s just say, video blogging is a lot harder than it looks.

Our thought: split screen video of the two of us trying a wine, discussing what we are smelling, tasting, etc.  A fun, conversation, aimed at making the reader feel like they are sitting in the living room with us. Easy-cheesy, right? Not so much.

The first video attempt was riddled with problems, including the incorrect software, a blind tasting and slow streaming.  Fortunately, we both have a sense of humor and ended up laughing quite a bit.  At the end of the first attempt, we had a long video that basically looked like a side-show presentation.  Our audio, while it sounded great, was not jiving with the very slow video.

This was definitely a learning experience, and I stepped away from our failed attempt with some new knowledge, and 5 key things to keep in mind when trying to do our next video:

1. Know everything about the software you are planning to use. We used Skype for our video, which in and of itself, is perfectly good.  However, I failed to realize that I needed to have a different software to do the actual video recording.  While Seth waited on Skype, I had to do a quick Google search and download Evaer, a software that allows you to record Skype video, with some cool different options.

2. Test, test, test.  Had we done any testing, we would have realized that one of us (or both of us) have some bad internet connection.  Or something.  I still need to figure that one out.  But, the slow streaming is what caused the side-show effect with our video.

3. Taste the wine beforehand. This was a blind tasting for both of us.  But after listening to our audio, there was a lot of empty space and meaningless chatter as we tried the wine.  It would be better for our audience if we got straight to the point on our wine tasting experience.

4. Have a script of some kind.  Sounds silly, especially since our goal is to make the viewers feel like they are sitting in the living room with us. But this was totally off-the-cuff and we ended up talking over each other, filling up space with meaningless commentary and making the video drag on and on.  At least a few main talking points would be good, and a designated time frame.  Let’s be honest, people do not want to hear the two of us talk forever over a glass of wine.

5. Don’t get discouraged.  So, our first video was a flop.  No biggie.  That is what private YouTube channels are for anyway.  We plan to keep testing, trying different things until we get the right mix.  No reason to let one bad video keep us from video blogging.  Otherwise, how would we learn, right?

We are  not going to give up on the video, but the next attempt, we will be a little bit more prepared. And once we find the right mix, and start producing videos we like, not only will they be showcased on our blog, but also on our YouTube channel.

I will continue to post my learnings, both from failed and successful attempts. I think it is only fair that you all learn from my mistakes.  I am also open to any suggestions, so, don’t be shy, I have lots to learn.


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