Tasting Wine

What Does It Mean When a Wine is Corked?

Our Cork Bowl
“Corked” I have heard the term a few times and I really don’t know what that means.  I have asked and have been told it means the wine has been tainted by the cork, making the wine bad and undrinkable.  I have also been told that I will know when the wine is “corked”.  But will I really know?  I don’t know much about wine.  What if I taste a “corked” wine and just think that is how that particular wine is supposed to taste?

I came across an article by Kori Voorhees of Wine Peeps.  She put the definition into terms I can finally understand:

Corked is the term used to describe a wine that has been spoiled by cork taint. Cork taint is most often recognized by the smell of wet cardboard when you sniff the wine. A wine that is corked is essentially ruined.

Wet cardboard is a smell I recognize, so know I know: wet cardboard = bad wine = don’t drink.  One mystery solved.


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