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A Dinner Party Inspired by the Le Diner en Blanc

Every year about this time, right as school is letting out, I yearn for a change or some kind of exotic vacation. And while the cold, hard truth means there is no vacation waiting for me in mid-summer, it doesn’t keep me from scheming and dreaming.

One way to make dream vacations a little closer to a reality is through themed dinner parties, and this year, my family is pulling out all the stops. In July, we are throwing our own Le Dîner en Blanc, an all white party inspired by the original Le Dîner en Blanc club. While our party is not exclusive and is not a flash mob, we are drawing menu and decor inspiration from this group.

The menu for our party is heavily influenced by cuisine from the south of France. I will share more details later, as we are still developing the recipes.

But first and foremost is the location of our party. We are in the Pacific Northwest, and the only way to do our party any justice is to dine with a view of the sound. We are in luck, my parents home in Seattle has a large yard and commanding view of the sound:

The next step is the decor. All decorations, table dressings, flowers, etc must be all white. The attire for all party members must be all white.

We have started procuring items of clothing, as well as table dressings we think will work. We will be moving the table onto the yard, so we can fully enjoy the view and dine in style. Flowers will either be the simple baby’s breath or stunning white roses, in abundance on the dinner or cocktail table.

And don’t forget the wine, the star of the dinner. With the main course, we will be enjoying a beautiful rose direct from France:


But this is not the only wine, more are needed for appetizers and desserts.

But tonight, I will be scouring the pages of Pinterest looking for more decoration inspiration (believe me, I am not complaining). And any ideas you may have???



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