Tasting Wine

Wine is my Zen

sunshine and wineLife is pretty fast paced and demanding and it can be hard to slow down. At some points in my day, I am so distracted, trying too hard to get too much done at once, I am not even smelling or tasting.  I am plowing through my day, focused on getting to the next task.

I recently read a post on Zen Habits, where the author outlined his method to finding balance. One point stood out to me, the importance of pausing:

“Pause regularly. In our lives, we are so busy and caught up in what we’re doing that we have no space for thinking.”

Reflecting on this point, I came to the realization that the “pause” is one of the reasons I so enjoy learning about and tasting wine.

When I pour a glass of wine with the intention of truly tasting, learning and writing about it, I am taking time to soak in the whole experience.  I am looking at the color, noticing the different scents and flavors – how the wine changes through the passage of time, with a meal or after the bottle has been open for a while.

Too often we move too fast, we don’t slow down to just enjoy something – anything. No matter how silly you may feel (or maybe the comments or looks you may get from an outsider), it is so important to find that one thing that slows you down. Find this thing now, before it is too late, before life passes you by.

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