Cooking with Wine

Cambria Chardonnay, Scallops and a Toast to the End of Summer

It’s fall, school has started and the rain is falling (already).  The best cure for the fall blues is reminiscing about the great times I had this summer, and the great wine.

In the middle of August, my family gathered over in Spokane, WA to celebrate birthdays and being together.  My brother Seth had purchased a large bottle of Cambria Chardonnay a few months back, and decided to pop it open while we were all together.

Cambria Chardonnay

It was a very hot day, and the crisp cool, wine was exactly what was needed to cool us all off.  We sat around the wading pool, sipping our wine while the kids splashed around and laughed how we should have originally chilled the bottle in the pool.

Seth paired the wine with Scallops with Herbed brown Butter. Since it was so hot, he even cooked the Scallops outside, so it was kind of like we were camping.

The Men Cooking Scallops
The Men Cooking Scallops

The pairing was excellent – the sweet and salty of the scallops was a perfect match with the crisp, citrus of the wine.  The wine had a light nose, so it didn’t overpower the herbs from the meal.  The perfect light meal on a very hot day.


Ah, the dog-days of summer.  Those can be some of the best days of the year. Cheers to hot days and cool nights, playing in the pool, the smell of sunscreen, great summer wines and delicious meals.

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