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A Tasting Flight of Three Syrah: Two Hands, Sequel & Yann Chave

I was recently able to take part in a tasting flight of three different Syrah (well, one Shiraz and two Syrah, but they are all the same).  With the fall setting in and steak on the grill, the three reds were the ideal pairing.

The flight included the following:

  • Two Hands 2009 Shiraz. A pretty ruby red, with a nose of cherries, plums, warm fruit and tomato.  The palette tasted of plums, fall fruits, spice and cinnamon.  This wine had a nice sweet note to it, which I really liked.
  • Long Shadows Wine, Sequel 2007 Syrah. Another pretty ruby red wine, with a nose of dark fruit, spice and tomato.  The palette on this win was spicy (and a bit chalky to me), along with plums and black pepper.  It was a little too spicy for my taste. (P.S. I am told that the spice is oak, but regardless – too much for me).
  • Yann Chave Crozes Hermitage. Ruby red in color, with a similar nose as the others: plums, dark berries and tomato.  This wine had a mild flavor, to me the fruit was softer, like raspberries and maybe cherries.

All of the wines were very nice, but of the three, I favored the Two Hands Shiraz.  I prefer wine that has more fruit flavors over spice, but then again I also prefer a big piece of cake to anything savory.

The red wine paired nicely with our steak dinner, and I must add, it also went well with my big piece of chocolate cake for dessert.  This flight also renewed my interest in wine and got me wanting to learn more again.

Another thing I love about wine is the color – especially the red wines.  It makes me wish that I had a ruby for every glass I drank – oh what a lovely necklace that would make.  I guess I can wish in one hand and….well you know the rest.

One thought on “A Tasting Flight of Three Syrah: Two Hands, Sequel & Yann Chave

  1. Hi Chloe,

    Thank you for your notes on this flight and I am glad that you enjoyed the Bella’s, especially seeing the company it was keeping.


    Matt Wenk

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