Cooking with Wine

Prosecco and Japanese Curry: A Good Cure for the Common Cold

A lovely summer cold has been running through our house, and I spent the week with a stuffy nose and cough.  Since cold medicine does not work for me, I decided to turn to food and alcohol.  A nice and spicy dish ought to do the trick.

I whipped up a pot of spicy Japanese Curry, poured it over rice and popped open a bottle of Valdo Prosecco.  Now, I am not going to try to write any type of review on the Prosecco, since I do have a cold and my taste is basically gone and I can’t smell a thing.  But, based on what I read by The Reverse Wine Snob, I made a pretty good (and economical choice).

The Prosecco paired nicely with my spicy dinner.  The spice did wonders on cleaning out my sinuses and the bubbly cooled off my mouth.  I thought the Valdo Prosecco was very nice, smooth and not too dry.

I really do like bubbly and I am looking forward to trying another bottle of the Prosecco once my cold is gone.

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