Tasting Wine

Chocolate and Emeri Pink Moscato, Quite a Yummy Combination

Emeri Pink Moscato & Truffles

As referenced on my other blog, Wednesday, I went to the Twirl Cafe for their “Whine” Wednesday, a combination wine tasting and child playtime.

For approximately $9, the wine tasting included a 2oz taste of De Bortoli, Emeri Pink Moscato, along with 3 truffles and playtime for the kiddo. So, while my daughter investigated the toys, I gave the Moscato a moment of undivided attention.

To me, the wine smelled almost floral, and was very sweet.  Moscato is apparently made from the muscat grape, one of the oldest grapes used for wine making.  I saw in an article by Richard Jennings at the Huffington Post, that the wine is actually gaining in popularity, so it was nice to see I was actually in vogue for once. And I can see why it is a popular wine, the sweetness isn’t overwhelming and it would almost substitute as dessert itself.

The truffles that came with the wine were three dark chocolates (Anise Ganache Filled Fig, Spicy Dark Truffle & Fruit, Nut & Sea Salt Bar) made locally by a company called Chocolopolis.  These flavors all worked nicely with the sweet wine.

Overall, the wine and chocolates were a tasty experience and the pairing actually made sense to me.  Maybe I am starting to make some progress!


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