Preparing for My First Tasting – Rex Hill Winery

I will be heading down to Newburg, OR in about a week, so I decided this would be the opportunity to do my first official wine tasting.  I have learned that the Willamette Valley in Oregon is known for growing Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris grapes.  While red wines are not my most favorite, I think it only makes sense to try what the area is known for.

After doing a quick survey of the area, I have decided to do my first tasting at Rex Hill Winery.  Rex Hill was founded by Paul Hart and Jan Jacobsen, and is now under the guidance of  Bill & Debra Hatcher of A to Z Wineworks.  They have apparently won many awards for the Pinot, so hopefully that will make for a good wine tasting experience. I am excited to give it a try and report back on my experience.

My next step is to read up on how properly taste wine, so I can give an accurate review.  Stay tuned!


My Wine Adventure

Welcome to the Splendid Grape!

I have decided to tag along with my brothers and learn about the wine industry (and probably the hard cider industry too).  I am going to use this blog to capture my adventure and venture into learning the ins and outs of wine.

You have to understand, I really don’t hardly know a thing about wine.  I know I prefer whites to reds, mostly because it kind of weirds me out to have a room temperature alcoholic drink.  I also know I like hard ciders, mostly because they are sweet and I have a sweet tooth.

My goal for the spring – to go to Taste Washington with my brother, Seth and actually kind of know what I am talking about.

So sit back, relax and enjoy – I hope the blog will be helpful, fun and enjoyable.